As a family-owned company, we stand for continuous and sustainable growth from within. We consider the joint action and the cohesion among our workforce as well as the intensive exchange with our customers to be one of our strengths, enabling us to successfully master new requirements and challenges.

The principles of responsibility shape our main goals:
the highest degree of customer and employee satisfaction as well as cost effectiveness and growth.

The happiness and well-being of our employees and their families is as close to our heart as is their willingness to perform.
Since this is in large part influenced by a fulfilled professional life, we are contributing to it with targeted promotions, independent of the respective employee's educational background and with a respectful interaction among each other.

We have demonstrated the sensible resource management in our principles, because we consider them to be essential and because a responsible use helps ensure that we work profitably also in the future, taking into account all aspects.

As a family-owned company, we deliberately accept social responsibility. Some concerns that are important to us include the responsible dealing with the environment and the health of our employees as well as the fair interaction with our partner companies and suppliers. We advocate for equal rights and against discrimination of any kind and act in accordance with the principles of our mission statement for responsible action in the industry in the same way as in accordance with the principles of our Association, The family-owned businesses, ASU e.V.

Our involvement is rounded out by the sponsorship of local artists and sports teams.