CNC Technology

Eckhard Mauch GmbH manufactures high-precision CNC machined parts for a wide variety of industries and requirements. The range of materials encompasses alloy steels, high-alloy stainless steels, aluminium, composites and plastics. We offer complete processing, including surface refinement, hardening and sandblasting of components, from lot size 1 to series production.

3-axis machining centres
with travels
X = 1200 mm, Y = 550 mm, Z = 450 mm

5-axis machining centre
with travels
X = 1700 mm, Y = 700 mm, Z = 700 mm

WIG/MIG welding technology
in steel and stainless steel
Surface treatment of components with local partners.
X = 1700 mm, Y = 700 mm, Z = 700 mm

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